bit Bitwise library
builtin Built in values.
coroutine Coroutine library
entities Entities Library
fastlz FastLZ library
file File functions.
find Find library.
game Game functions
globaltables Cross-instance tables
holograms Library for creating and manipulating physics-less models AKA "Holograms".
hook Deals with hooks
http Http library.
json JSON library
net Net message library.
physenv Physenv functions
quaternion Quaternion library
render Render library.
sounds Sounds library.
timer Deals with time and timers.
trace Provides functions for doing line/AABB traces
von vON Library
wire Wire library.


EndEntityDriving Called when a player stops driving an entity
EntityRemoved Called when an entity is removed
GravGunOnDropped Called when an entity is being dropped by a gravity gun
GravGunOnPickedUp Called when an entity is being picked up by a gravity gun
GravGunPunt Called when a player punts with the gravity gun
KeyPress Called when a player presses a key
KeyRelease Called when a player releases a key
OnEntityCreated Called when an entity gets created
OnPhysgunFreeze Called when an entity is being frozen
OnPhysgunReload Called when a player reloads his physgun
PhysgunDrop Called when an entity being held by a physgun gets dropped
PhysgunPickup Called when an entity gets picked up by a physgun
PlayerDeath Called when a player dies
PlayerDisconnected Called when a player disconnects
PlayerHurt Called when a player gets hurt
PlayerLeaveVehicle Called when a players leaves a vehicle
PlayerNoClip Called when a player toggles noclip
PlayerSay Called when a player sends a chat message
PlayerSpawn Called when a player spawns
PlayerSpray Called when a players sprays his logo
PlayerSwitchFlashlight Called when a players turns their flashlight on or off
PlayerUse Called when a player holds their use key and looks at an entity.
Removed Called when the starfall chip is removed
StartEntityDriving Called when a player starts driving an entity
input Called when an input on a wired SF chip is written to
net Called when a net message arrives
readcell Called when a high speed device reads from a wired SF chip
remote Remote hook.
render Called when a frame is requested to be drawn.
starfallUsed Called when a player uses the screen
think Think hook.
writecell Called when a high speed device writes to a wired SF chip

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